Brick Fencing Hobart

Hobart Brick fencing

Nothing beats a classic brick fence. Sturdy and stylish, brick is a great choice for a fence or retaining wall. Brick fences can also be combined with tubular or wooden fencing to create a unique look, build security around your home while still feeling light and open.

A fence for every occasion

Brick fences can be built high, low, or somewhere in between. A high brick wall provides excellent security for your home, blocking prying eyes and defeating even the most determined climbers. Alternating, a low fence adds a classic look to your home, lets you keep the wonderful views, whilst still defining a clear barrier between you and the outside world. With a wide variety of brick styles and colours available, we can help you to build the fence of your dreams.

Built with passion

Brick fencing requires care and passion for a top-quality build. At Hobart Fencing we have more than ten years’ experience building fences for any location including strangely shaped blocks and houses on hills. Get in touch today to chat with one of our friendly team.

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