Rural Fencing Hobart

Hobart Rural fencing

We have years of experience building and repairing rural fences that keep people on one side, and livestock on the other. With over ten years’ experience designing and installing fencing, we pride ourselves on quality. By working closely with you we can build a fence that not only meets your needs today but will serve you for years to come. Long or short, we’ll work with you to build the fence you need and make sure it goes the distance.

Sturdy and long-lasting

Our fences are built to last. Whether you need a simple timber fence, a strong chain wire fence, or even electric fencing for safeguarding livestock we can build a fence that will withstand the years, and the elements. We can build fences to mark the edge of your property, keep the animals in (and the pests out!) and add comfort and value to your home. Depending on your choice of materials, our fences can be resistant to termites, combustion, wind and rain.

Built on any terrain

Got a sloping paddock? Or a house on the hill with brilliant panoramic views? We can build a fence to suit any block and any terrain. We work closely with you to make sure that your fence meets your needs, and will last for years to come. Get in touch today to discuss how we can create the perfect fence for you.

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