Chain Wire Fencing Hobart

HObart Chain wire fencing

Chain wire fencing, chain-link fencing, chain mesh fencing, cyclone fencing and diamond fencing are low cost to install and maintain. These long-life fencing types are perfect for creating extra security for your home or business. Chain wire fences can be supplied in plain galvanised wire, or coated wire in various colours. Whether you need extra security around your business or a fence around your private tennis court, we can build to your dreams.

Long-lasting peace of mind

Chain wire fencing is a go-to for long-lasting security. Whether you want a low border fence around the front of your home/business, or a high safety fence, chain wire is an ideal material. With the added bonus of being able to see through the fence, you have safety without sacrificing light open spaces. Made from heavy-duty galvanised steel you can be sure that this fence will last a lifetime.

Custom installation

With years of experience building fences, we know how to construct a fence to meet your needs. Whether you have an odd-shaped block or building on a hill, we can work with you to build the perfect fence.

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