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Hobart Glass Fencing and balustrades

Need to safely enclose a space, but don’t want that cramped, crowded feel? Glass fencing around a pool or balcony can give you security without sacrificing style. If you chose glass fencing for a pool area you can have all the security benefits, whilst still being able to keep an eye on any children or pets near the pool.

Bright, open and secure

Let more light into your home with clear or frosted glass fencing and create a warm modern feel. We use reinforced, shatterproof glass to give you a beautiful fence, and peace of mind. With the right glass fence, you can create a barrier that will thwart thieves, increases your home’s value, whilst looking beautiful and letting you keep those great views unobstructed.

Life-long quality

Glass fencing is impervious to the wind and the rain. It won’t attract termites and bugs, and it’s non-combustible. Top-quality glass fencing will last for years to come, keeping you safe whilst keeping you home beautiful. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you build a fence to last.

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